2020: The movie year that almost was

2020, am I right? If this was any other year, now is about the time when Oscar season really kicks into high gear and frontrunners emerge for all the big categories. But… not this year.

As movies are pushed into early 2021 to avoid theater shutdowns and to narrowly qualify for Oscar contention (with the cutoff extended until Feb 28), this year’s movie slate has been weird to say the least.

I’m not going to say I saw this coming, but this was the first year since 2014 where I didn’t publish a list of my most anticipated movies. I actually drafted a list back in February (a much more innocent time), but for some reason I didn’t post it.

I’ve decided to publish my drafted list (with several editor’s notes) so we can all take a look back on the movie year that almost was. And just in case you’re curious, you can head over to my Letterboxd for my top movies of the year so far.

Ryan Gosling in Remember the Titans with Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington in Malcom X with (son) John David Washington
John David Washington in Tenet

Movies I can’t wait to see in 2020:


1. Tenet
Everything that needs to be said about this movie exists out there already, but let’s just say it didn’t meet the expectations of a #1 spot on my list.

2. Mank (coming to Netflix soon)

3. The Trial of the Chicago 7 (coming to Netflix Oct 16)

4. A Quiet Place Part II (moved to 2021)

5. Train to Busan 2: Peninsula
Here’s hoping it gets a US release sooner rather than later.

6. Halloween Kills (moved to 2021)

7. Soul
Still on the calendar as of now, but there’s talk of a Disney+ release.

8. Monsoon
*Crosses fingers we get a release date soon.*

9. Marvel’s Eternals & Black Widow
Disney already moved Eternals to 2021, and the other looks likely to move as well.

10. The Rom Coms: To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You & The Thing About Harry
Both movies ended up being very pleasant Valentine’s Day entertainment.

11. The Invisible Man
Now an Oscar frontrunner due to lack of competition? Maybe for Elisabeth Moss at least.

12. In the Heights (moved to 2021)

13. Dune
On the 2020 calendar. For now.

14. Connected (still dated for Oct 23)

15. Andrew Garfield Double Feature: The Eyes of Tammy Faye & Mainstream
After its appearance at Venice this month, we still may get one of these Andrew Garfield films in 2020.

16. Warner Bros Blockbuster Double Feature: Wonder Woman 1984 & Godzilla vs. Kong
One got pushed back to a Christmas release, the other is now slated for 2021.

17. Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson (expected 2021)

18. Blonde (expected 2021)

19. The Prom (coming to Netflix Dec 11)

20. Tom Holland Grindhouse: Cherry & The Devil All the Time
One still doesn’t have a release date, the other landed on Netflix Sept 18 (and I still need to watch).

21. Raya and the Last Dragon (moved to 2021)

22. The King of Staten Island
Probably not worth the $20 I spent to watch it, but I really needed a movie to watch.

23. The Card Counter (expected 2021, much to Paul Schrader’s dismay)

24. The Lodge
Will definitely end up on my list as one of the best horror movies of the year.

25. Promising Young Woman
C’mon Focus – give us a release date!

26. The Green Knight
A24, please save us.

27. Rebecca (coming to Netflix Oct 21)

28. Minari
The Sundance standout – still waiting on an official release date.

29. Run (coming to Hulu Nov 20)

30. Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (moved to 2021)

31. Chaos Walking (moved (again) to 2021)

If you made it this far: thank you. If you want to read my (sometimes embarrassing) most anticipated movie lists from previous years, feel free to click around below.



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