TV shows I can’t wait to watch in 2019

Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love. with Steve Carell
Steve Carell in The 40-Year-Old Virgin with Leslie Mann
Leslie Mann in The Other Woman with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in Game of Thrones

As promised, here is the followup to my list of Movies I can’t wait to see in 2019. Because of all the great content out there right now, this list turned out to be a bit longer than the movies one. And, if it’s any indication by the wonderful Sex EducationRussian Doll and The Other Two which have already premiered this year, we should be in store for a lot of great shows in 2019.

So, Live from My Couch here it is…

Shows I can’t wait to watch in 2019:


1. Game of Thrones final season (April 14 on HBO)
This one is a no-brainer, and I’ve already got plans for six Sundays from April through May. However I would like to speak to a manager about HBO scheduling the premiere during Arichella. You can get your first glimpse of the final season footage in this epic HBO promo (and keep your eyes peeled for clips from a few other shows that may be on this list).

2. Mindhunter season 2 (TBA on Netflix)
The show also made my list last year, but I’m crossing my fingers that Netflix finally drops the second season sometime soon (season 1 was released in October 2017). With David Fincher back behind the camera for two episodes this season, I’m only more excited to finally binge season 2.

3. His Dark Materials (TBA on HBO)
The His Dark materials series may not be well-known other than the so-so 2017 adaptation of the first book, but the fantasy series is one of my favorites. This series is so big that it’s being produced as a co-production between the BBC and HBO. Let this very brief teaser tide you over until the premiere. P.S. The Subtle Knife (book 2) is a standout, and the show has already been renewed for a second season.

4. Stranger Things 3 (TBA on Netflix)
Not much to say here other than I’m hoping for the return of Dad Steve!

5. Big Little Lies season 2 (TBA on HBO)
I thought season 1 was fun (though a little overrated), but I will not be left out of the watercooler conversations when BLL returns. It’s a wonder they even managed to coordinate the cast’s schedules for season 2, let alone add Meryl into the mix. I will be sipping wine along with Renata during every episode.

6. Jane the Virgin final season (March 27 on The CW)
Consistently one of the best shows on television, Jane the Virgin finally returns next month after THAT cliffhanger. Even though it’s sad to see the show come to an end, I respect creator Jennie Snyder Urman for having an endgame for the show in mind and completing a full story arc (hopefully with several telenovela-inspired twists).

7. Devs (TBA on FX)
Ex Machina and Annihilation‘s Alex Garland does a sci-fi show for FX. Count me in.

8. The Mandalorian (TBA on Disney+)
Disney will likely use the first Star Wars live action series as a a big part of the Disney+ OTT service launch, and I will be one of the first subscribers. The directors list (including Rick Famuyiwa, Bryce Dallas Howard and Taika Waititi) is also one of the most intriguing lineups I’ve seen in a while.

9. Watchmen (TBA on HBO)
Though I’m still a little skeptical about basing a show on the classic graphic novel, I’m optimistic that Damon Lindelof will use it as a jumping off point to create his own stories and memorable characters.

10 . Killing Eve season 2 (April 7 on BBC America)
I’m glad I waited to catch up with Killing Eve season 1 until last fall because I’m not sure if I could wait much longer for season 2. Eve returns April 7.

11. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part 2 (April 5 on Netflix) – I’m ready for white-haired Sabrina!
12. Pose season 2 (TBA on FX) – Here’s to hoping there isn’t a longer waiting period between season 1 and 2.
13. Fosse/Verdon (April 9 on FX) – You may have caught the teaser during the Oscars.

14. The Netflix sophomores: YOU, The End of the F***ing World, Elite, On My Block and The OA (all TBA on Netflix) – Some of the best shows on TV last year return for their second seasons on Netflix.

15. The Handmaid’s Tale season 3 (June 5 on Hulu) – We’ll get the first three episodes on June 5.
16. The New Ryan Murphys: The Politician & Ratched (both TBA on Netflix) – Hopefully we’ll be blessed with the first shows from his new overall deal with Netflix this year!
17. Central Park Five (TBA on Netflix) – Ava DuVernay’s miniseries should be one of the most talked about series of the year.
18. Too Old to Die Young (TBA on Amazon Prime) – Also made my list last year. Hurry up, Nicolas!
19. BoJack Horseman season 6 (TBA on Netflix) – Still one of the most authentic portrayals of Hollywood on TV at the moment.

20. Black Mirror season 5 (TBA on Netflix) – We got the interactive Bandersnatch last year, and we should get a new batch of creepy episodes this year.
21. Lovecraft Country (TBA on HBO) – Jordan Peele’s new show on HBO.
22. Dear White People Vol. 3 (TBA on Netflix) – Excited to see what happens after Vol. 2’s cliffhanger of an ending.
23. Utopia (TBA on Amazon Prime) – Gillian Flynn’s new show should premiere sometime this year on Amazon.
24. The Underground Railroad (TBA on Amazon Prime) – Barry Jenkins will direct all episodes for his new show on Amazon. Mark your Emmy ballots now.

25. Untitled Morning Show Drama (TBA on Apple) – Jennifer Aniston, Reese Whitherspoon and Steve Carell. Count me in.
26. The Hunt (TBA on Amazon Prime) – Jordan Peele is working overtime and giving us a second show on Amazon with a great hook. This one stars Logan Lerman and Al Pacino.
27. Orange Is the New Black final season (TBA on Netflix) – I’ve stuck with the girls for six seasons, and I’m excited to see how this one ends.
28. The Loudest Voice (TBA on Showtime) – Russell Crowe as Roger Ailes and Naomi Watts as Gretchen Carlson. Alright.
29. The Twilight Zone (April 1 on CBS All Access) – Yes I will be signing up for a free trial of CBS All Access for this one.
30. Whatever Shondaland releases on Netflix this year – Correct.

Honorable Mentions: Now Apocalypse (March 10 on Starz), Looking for Alaska (TBA on Hulu), Homecoming season 2 (TBA on Amazon Prime), Queer Eye season 3 (March 15 on Netflix), Catch-22 (May 17 on Hulu), Locke & Key (TBA on Netflix), Euphoria (TBA on HBO) and LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS (March 15 on Netflix)

If you’ve made it this far, thanks! Cheers to all the great content in 2019.


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