Like a Virgin

Ryan Gosling in The Big Short with Finn Wittrock
Finn Wittrock in American Horror Story: Hotel with Wes Bentley
Wes Bentley in We Are Your Friends with Zac Efron
Zac Efron in The Lucky One with Taylor Schilling
Taylor Schilling in Orange is the New Black with Diane Guerrero
Diane Guerrero in Jane the Virgin

When people ask me what my favorite TV shows are, I usually freeze. Not because I don’t want to discuss my shows, but mostly because there’s just so much good TV out there at the moment. This is the age of Peak TV after all.

My usual go-to answers are Game of Thrones (the “duh” pick), Teen Wolf (my “guilty pleasure” pick) and How to Get Away with Murder (my “Shondaland” pick). But the current show that has yet to let me down and still pumps out 22 episodes a year is Jane the Virgin.

Jane the Virgin features some of the most grounded characters on TV at the moment, including Jane (a wonderful Gina Rodriguez in a Golden Globe-winning role), who is accidentally artificially inseminated with her childhood crush’s sperm in Chapter One, despite being a 23-year-old virgin. Other characters who populate Jane’s telenovela universe include the childhood crush himself, Rafael (played by former soap actor and real-life dad Justin Baldoni) and my personal favorite, Jane’s mom Xo (a charming Andrea Navedo). The characters remain grounded and relatable, which is a lot considering the pilot’s high-concept setup and the fact that two separate episodes in season 2 featured Kesha (sans dollar sign) as a next-door neighbor and a Britney Spears cameo, all while balancing storylines about Jane’s breastfeeding fears.


Sure, the show has its flaws (I’m not sure how much longer they can drag out Jane’s love triangle with Rafael and her on-again, off-again boyfriend Michael), but I usually don’t care because I love this show and the characters so damn much. P.S. just like Jane’s (*kinda spoiler*) dad Rogelio, I am #TeamMichael.

So yes, my favorite TV show right now is Jane the Virgin. And you don’t have an excuse to not watch it anymore because season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

I’m mostly #TeamMichael, but always #TeamJane.


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