The CW Complex

1. Ryan Gosling in Remember the Titans (2000) with Denzel Washington
2. Denzel Washington in American Gangster (2007) with Chiwetel Ejiofor
3. Chiwetel Ejiofor in Serenity (2007) with Jewel Staite
4. Jewel Staite in The L.A. Complex (2012)

My second TV discussion! And my first post from the city of Los Angeles (how appropriate).

The angsty-young-person-dramedy genre isn’t the same that it used to be. With Degrassi, The O.C., 90210, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and many more diluting the genre in recent years, it’s not really a surprise that The L.A. Complex debuted to the worst TV ratings ever in the U.S. this April. It doesn’t help that The CW did nothing to promote the show. Which is sad because it’s a smart, witty and entertaining new show.

Originally conceived as a Degrassi spin-off for actress Cassie Steele, the show went through several changes before its present form. The Canadian drama premiered on MuchMusic in Canada this January and follows an aspiring actress, music producer, dancer and comedian. (It really covers all of its bases in the entertainment industry.) An initial, six-episode run on The CW wrapped May 29.

Instead of devolving into a show where everyone hooks up with everyone, creator Martin Gero (who produced the hilarious YPF a few years ago) takes time to actually develop these characters’ personalities and motivations. And yeah, some of them hook up, too.

If you, like me, yearn for stories about pretty yuppies during the summer months, I have a feeling you’ll enjoy The L.A. Complex. Or just watch it to support Firefly and Serenity vet Jewel Staite. Plus – good news! The show returns (miraculously) with new episodes on The CW July 17.


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  1. KPCLB says:

    I love Chelan Simmons and wish the show would come to the UK

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