Teen Woof

1. Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011) with Julianne Moore
2. Julianne Moore in Next (2007) with Jessica Biel
3. Jessica Biel in 7th Heaven (1996-2006) with Tyler Hoechlin
4. Tyler Hoechlin in Teen Wolf (2011)

Welcome to my first post about a TV show!

So I’ve been busy with finals and graduation and stuff like that lately, but I somehow still found time to watch the entire first season of MTV’s “edgy” new reboot of Teen Wolf last week. The show aired last summer, and I heard it was campy and fun, so why not?

Though the writing is clunky and the special effects have the same quality as those on a Disney Channel sitcom, there are actually a lot of elements to enjoy here. The lead character, Scott (Tyler Posey), is bland and uninteresting, but several supporting characters are truly engaging. I’m speaking mostly about the hot-nerd character Lydia (Holland Roden) and jock (and posssible werewolf?) Jackson (Colton Haynes). I wish those supporting characters had more screen time.

The main problem with Teen Wolf is that it isn’t quite campy enough. Hopefully the writers will realize that this is what people want from a show like this and up the camp factor next season. Speaking of season two, which will bow June 3 after the MTV Movie Awards, it’s been given a bigger budget for special effects, so my fingers are crossed for more werewolf (non-laughable) CGI action this season.

If you’re looking for a fun summer show, you could do a lot worse than this MTV reboot. Woof.


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